Our Mission

Come Dance With Us!

At SpotLite Dance Studio, we strive to assure that children learn what the value of dance truly means. We promote competition as a positive learning experience, not solely on winning top awards; instead, we promote children to perform the best they can and to use their talents to the best of their abilities. We also promote the same spirit in our recital classes offering our students the opportunity to be proud of who they are individually and their progression in their talents. We feel we have accomplished a successful dance season when the children get off stage during recital or at a competition feeling confident they have done the best they can and are happy about their performance.

Hip Hop

Classes cover various hip-hop movements. Students will learn movement combinations in each class. The class will serve to connect students’ images of music video “hip hop” and underground trends in contemporary hip-hop.


Focuses on teaching dancers about creative expression. Our teachers achieve this by instructing students to tell the story of a piece of music through their movements. This class should be taken in conjunction with Ballet.


Classes emphasize the development of classical ballet skills with a focus on proper placement and alignment. Students learn ballet vocabulary by using the barre and center work while building strength, flexibility, and technique.


Classes cover basic jazz dance techniques, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolations, rhythms, and style performed to contemporary music.

Tumbling & Acro

Classes focus on helping students acquire skills such as flips, somersaults, tucks, and handsprings. Coaches are trained in hands-on spotting and visual correction to help ensure a safe learning environment.

Strength & Conditioning

This course provides an intense workout and body conditioning experience that concentrates to improve a dancer’s flexibility and toning.


Our Students Love Us

“SpotLite is one of those places that I will forever be able to call home. Meghan and Lyndee have had such huge impacts on my life, inside and outside of the dance studio and they still do until this day. I truly grew as a dancer and as a person during my time here…” read more

Cristin Lewis

University of Tennessee Dance Team

“I have been dancing since I was 3 years old but it wasn’t until I came to Spotlite that I came to understand the true meaning of a dancers life. I was able to express myself as a dancer and as a person with no restrictions.” read more Kobie Jarmon

University of Louisville Dance Team

“Where do I even start? Spotlite Dance Studio has forever changed my life. In my one short year of being there (unfortunately my senior year), I made more friends, well more like family members, than I have made my whole life.” read more Karli Whitson

Spotlite Alumni

“I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this place! It’s not only a studio, it is truly a home away from home. Spotlite is where I found my identity! There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else…” read more River Banks

University of Kentucky Dance Team

Want to dance with us?

Interested in auditioning for our award winning Competition Team? Or maybe just want to take recreational classes? We would love for you to join our Spotlite Family!