Karli Whitson

KarliWhitson1“Where do I even start? Spotlite Dance Studio has forever changed my life. In my one short year of being there (unfortunately my senior year), I made more friends, well more like family members, than I have made my whole life. I will never forget the very first day I walked in that door for summer camp. I was overwhelmed with all of the love from the teachers, students, and parents. I immediately fell in love with the place and knew that I belonged there. The funny part about it is that I wasn’t even looking for a studio at that moment, but God knew what He was doing. I remember going home and telling my mom that I had to go there. She was ecstatic! We, yes WE, had finally found our home, and how awesome it was to be a part of such a fabulous family. Looking back on everything today, I know that I can walk in there at any moment and someone will immediately run up to me and ask how I’m doing. I mean where else can you find that kind of love and care? I am eternally grateful for my Spotlite family and for all of the inspiring young men and women who always pushed me to be a better dancer as well as a better person. Spotlite Dance Studio will always be my home.”