Competition Team

Nationally recognized, award winning Competition Team

The SpotLite’s


SpotLite Dance Studio offers competitive dance classes to the dancer who is more committed to learning dance at a competitive level. We will have several dances that vary in the level of ability and commitment.

They dedicate approximately three to four days a week studying dance at a higher level.

At SpotLite Dance Studio, dancers learn that competition is not solely intended to “win top awards”, but to learn teamwork, dedication, graciousness, and courtesy.  We encourage children to do the best they can and to use their talents to the best of their abilities regardless of the outcome.

Our goal is to have the dancers be proud of who they are and their hard work. We feel we have a successful competition when children exit the stage and feel they have done the best they can and are happy about their performance.

Children learn how to compete respectfully and to always encourage other dancers — not only dancers on their team but their competitors as well.

Children learn the importance of working hard for what they desire; not only in dance but in everything they do in life.

Children learn constructive criticism in a positive environment; they develop the courage and confidence to stand in front of judges on stage.  The confidence they gain from this experience is crucial as many children aren’t afforded this growth opportunity.