Cristin Lewis

Cristin Lewis“SpotLite is one of those places that I will forever be able to call home. Meghan and Lyndee have had such huge impacts on my life, inside and outside of the dance studio and they still do until this day. I truly grew as a dancer and as a person during my time here. I learned what hard work was and where it got you and I learned what it was like to truly be dedicated to something. I was constantly challenged and encouraged to reach my full potential, even when I didn’t think I could. I will never forget all of the times I was like “oh heck no” and Meghan and Lyndee were like “oh heck yes” and what do you know, trying something new and different always ended up to be a good learning experience. I appreciated the constant push to be better and go out of my comfort zone. When I graduated, I did not want to leave. Seriously. In fact, the first few times I visited the studio after graduating, I cried just because I wanted to be back in one of those studios dancing again. I feel a huge part of a dance studio is forming relationships so that you are more comfortable and open to learn and progress, and I strongly feel that is what you get here at SpotLite. I always felt constant support while being a part of this studio. I will forever be grateful for what I learned at SpotLite and I hope to be able to pass down what Meghan and Lyndee taught me to more young dancers. SpotLite truly is more than just a dance studio.”