Competition Team General Info



Now that you know what team you are on, please help me and Mrs. Janet out by registering online for your classes. Don’t worry about the actual competition team dances, just register for your regular classes. You should be able to tell the classes by the schedule that I sent to you in your letters. If you are not certain (especially Peewees and Minis) please feel free to email Miss Mesa, Meghan and or Lyndee for advice on which classes to take for this year.

If you have any questions about anything…we know it is a little overwhelming, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email.

Texting/Calling the Instructors:  We have conveniently provided you with the cell phone numbers of all of the instructors for things like missed classes or questions regarding solos/duets/trios or private lessons. Please, please respect the private time of the instructors. They receive texts at various times of the day and night regarding things that you can simply look up on your own or by coming into the studio. The teachers love being accessible, but keep in mind that when they leave the studio, they often want to spend quiet time at home with their significant others or spouse and child. Please be considerate the next time you decide to text or call of their time. Keep in mind that there are 130 total students, at present, attending the studio. Thank you.

 Positive Environment:  Parents and students, we are starting off the year in a fantastic fashion. We just wanted to send out the following reminders to both students and parents. Please remember, if you are sitting in the lobby, to project a positive attitude. Even if something is bothering you, we have all levels of students in the studio, every day, this year and we want their experience to be as fun and as positive as possible.

It can be intimidating to some of the recital students if our competition team parents are whining and moaning about the budget Ilaine sent (ha ha)! Seriously, please remember to make everyone feel welcomed at the studio. There are lots of new faces both on team and in the recital classes and your presence is a direct reflection on the environment of the studio.

This feeling also rubs off on the instructors. If we, as parents, are cranky it can directly affect the feelings that the instructors have when they are working in the studio. The instructors and staff will also make sure to project a positive attitude, as we know we can also be a little cranky, at times! We are all human. 🙂

On that note, we are so excited to have each and every one of you on our team and know that this is going to be a FANTASTIC 8th year!!!

If you are dropping a dance, please let Ilaine, Meghan & Lyndee know so that your plan can be adjusted, ASAP!
This is going to be a FANTASTIC YEAR! We are so excited!
Meghan, Lyndee & Mesa